Joint European Master Programme Advanced Materials Science and Engineering (AMASE)





Change of deadline!


Dear AMASE applicants,


for those of planning to start at LTU, the deadline to be considered for an ERASMUS MUNDUS Scholarship is 1st of December!

For all other applicants, chosing UPC, UL or UdS as first university, the deadline for the EM-scholarship remains the 15th of Januray.


Status of application


Dear applicants,


the online application for all Non-EU students is now over. All students who haven't been informed so far, can no more be accepted for the program. Nevertheless you are welcome to apply again for the AMASE Master 2015/2016.  


For EU-students there is still the possibility to apply until July 31st!




Status of your application


Dear applicants,


we have informed all candidates selected for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and everyone on the reserve list.

Who hasn't received an email until now, has not been considered for a scholarship; nevertheless those candidates can still be selcted for the programme itself.

Please be a little more patient until these last decisions are made.



Applications for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

Dear applicants,


the Steering Committee has made the selection for the Erasmus Mundus Scholasrships for the intake 2014/15.

We are now preparing the acceptance letters.

We will inform everyone until March 7th

Please note that we will not answer any questions concerning the status of application until this date.



Exchange programme


Dear students,


there is a great opportunity to get to the USA, but it's only for students who are already enrolled at the UdS.

The programme offers the possibility to go to Drexel-University in the USA and it's organised by the Institute for New Materials (INM).

The dealine is 1st of March.


More information...




Deadlines for scholarship have expired


Dear interested students and applicants,

the deadline for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships expired last week, but you can still apply for the intake 2014/15 without scholarship!

For those who already have applied - please note that the selection will take some time and we won't answer questions about the status of the selection process. We will inform you as soon as possible about the decisions of the steering committee!

best regards,
the EUSMAT Team




Dear students,

For Luleå as first university it is mandatory to provide one of the language certificates below.


  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency
  • Cambridge Diploma in English Studies


Without one of those language proofs, your application cannot be accepted!

Please be aware that we can not make any exceptions concerning this matter.



The application for the intake 2014/15 is now open.

The deadline for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships is January 15th!



AMASE student gets DAAD scholarship

Thilo Grammes, an AMASE student starting in September received one the sought after DAAD scholarships.

The DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst/ German Academic Exchange Service) offers every year several scholarships for outstanding students.

As Thilo could not be considered for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, because he wanted to spend a part of his AMASE studies in Germany, he applied for a DAAD scholarship. He had a fierce competition with more than 600 applicants, but in the end he succeeded.

Congratulations and welcome to AMASE!



Dear AMASE-students,

the new Student Guide 2013/14 is now available, you will find all usefull information concerning AMASE within, so please have a look here



Useful information for new AMASE students


New AMASE find first useful information concerning registration, timetables and general information concerning studiying at:




Deadlines for 2013/14 have expired

Dear applicants,

the deadlines for this year's term now have expired.

Please be aware that applications which has been incomplete until now, cannot be considered.

But we would be happy if you applied again for 2014/15, the new period will start in October.

We wish you all the best and hope to see you next year!



Deadlines for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships


The deadlines for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship have expired.

Please be aware that you can still apply for the AMASE itself, but cannot longer be considered for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.

The selection procedure will be final in the beginning of march and we will inform you as soon as possible about the decisions!



Application starts on 10th of October 2012

For the intake 2013/14 of the AMASE Master Programme, the online application system will be opened on the 10th of October of 2012!


Please read carefully the section about the online application in order to apply correctly.


The address of the online application system is:



"Erasmus Mundus scholarships" for another 5-year

Great news: the AMASE Master has successfully passed the highly competitive selection of the EU. Out of hundreds of study programmes AMASE has once again been considered one of the best European Master programmes and the EU will grant "Erasmus Mundus scholarships" for another 5-year. These will be available as of the 2012 intake


The AMASE Masters course has been successfully implemented since 2005 with funding from the Erasmus Mundus Programme. Due to its high quality, AMASE has been awarded Erasmus Mundus Brand Name (EMBN) by the European Comission/EACA through which it commits itself to maintaining the requirements and level of excellence expected from an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course. 





The application period for the intake 2015/16 is now open!




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