Saarland University Bank Details

Bank account for all student fees

The following bank account must be used for the payment of semester fees and tuition fees; student-services payment; fees for the Students’ Union Executive Committee (AStA); late-payment surcharge; fees for post-graduate programmes; penalty fees incurred by students enrolled for longer than the relevant standard period of study; charges for the issuing of duplicate documents.


Name of bank: Bank1Saar
Recipient: Universität des Saarlandes
Account no.: 330000
Bank sorting code: 591 900 00




IBAN:|DE19 5919 0000 0000 33 0000|


When completing the bank transfer form, please complete the ‘reason for transfer’ field (Verwendungszweck) as follows: write your enrolment number on the upper line starting at the leftmost character space, then leave a blank space before adding your first name, surname and your date of birth.


Students will be deemed to have paid the necessary fees only when the corresponding cash payment or bank transfer has actually been credited to this account.


The university’s account with the PostBank has been closed.


International bank transfer: Please consider banking fees that have to be added to the transfer amount.