Biology (Human and Molecular Biology) (B.Sc.)

The Bachelor degree programme ‘Biology (Human and Molecular Biology)’ is an innovative study programme at the interface of molecular biology and medicine. The programme adopts both a natural science and biomedical perspective and teaches undergraduates the theoretical and experimental foundations of the subject as well as the scientific principles underlying modern life sciences.

The six-semester Bachelor’s degree programme in Biology, which concludes with the award of a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.), aims to enable students to solve problems at the boundary of biology and medicine by applying the principles of natural science. By making use of leading-edge experimental and computer-aided methods, students will in a short space of time acquire the professional skills demanded of today’s biologists in both research and industrial environments. The main focus of the teaching curriculum is to provide students with a broad theoretical understanding of the subject and to acquaint them with the numerous experimental methods and techniques used today – making the programme highly relevant to the present-day graduate job market. In addition to subject-specific qualifications, vocationally relevant skills such as the ability to communicate effectively, to work in a team, and organizational skills also play an important role. Students will have the opportunity to undertake work placements (internships) that offer them early insight into areas of interest and potential future employment. The B.Sc. programme is also a prerequisite for the more strongly research-oriented Master’s programme (currently being planned) that follows-on from and builds on the knowledge gained in the Bachelor’s programme.

In the first phase of the modular B.Sc. programme (semesters 1–3) students will acquire a solid grounding in the core areas of modern biology and the underlying scientific principles. Students will be taught early on in their degree the methods and skills that are indispensible in modern-day life sciences.  The second phase (semester 4–6) concentrates on the main focus of the programme, namely human and molecular biology, with undergraduates able to select subjects and areas of particular interest from a broad array of compulsory elective modules. The key topics covered in the fields of human and molecular biology allow students to gain a broad scientific education that is well-suited to careers in the areas of biomedicine, biopharmaceutics, molecular biology and biotechnology.

An inter-faculty  Human and Molecular Biology Centre (ZHMB) is responsible for the design and realization of the Bachelor’s degree programme. Teaching and research are managed jointly by the Faculty of Natural Science and Technology III and the Faculty of Medicine, with the work carried out at the campus sites in Saarbrücken and Homburg.