Economics and Law (B.Sc.)

The Faculty of Law and Economics at Saarland University has developed a consecutive Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programme that combines business economics and law. In addition to teaching students the academic foundations of the two disciplines and relevant methodological skills, the programme equips graduates with a qualification of real practical value in today’s career markets.


The main focus of the Bachelor’s degree programme ‘Economics and Law’ is to enable students to acquire a firm grounding in economics (primarily in the field of business administration) and to provide them with an understanding of the fundamentals of law and jurisprudence. By combining these two academic disciplines, students will learn to analyse and appreciate both the economic and legal aspects of a problem, and will acquire the skills needed to generate constructive solutions. Potential legal issues affecting business processes can therefore be identified and addressed before contacting a company’s legal department or engaging the services of a fully qualified lawyer.


The Bachelor’s degree programme ‘Economics and Law’ is aimed at prospective students with a German higher-education entrance qualification or equivalent qualification. The standard period of study is three years (six semesters) at the end of which students will be awarded the degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).


Business graduates with a degree that covers both legal and economic aspects of business are highly sought-after in all kinds of companies: from small firms to international corporations. Employment opportunities for graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and law can be found in manufacturing industry, the commercial and trade sector, banks, insurance companies, business and management consultancies, accounting firms, tax consultancies and other service providers, as well as in professional associations and political organizations. Other possible areas of employment include administrative positions in regional and federal government or within the administrative structure of the European Union.