Additional online tests

This page provides links to a range of online assessment tests designed by German universities, public bodies and private institutions.


Most of the tests listed are free to use and are typically split into a more general interdisciplinary section, which is designed to help you find the right subject to study or career path to follow, and a more subject-specific section where you will find tests on particular degree programmes or courses of study. The two tests at the bottom of the page are for students considering joining a teacher training programme or wanting to assess their suitability for a career in teaching.


Interdisciplinary tests for prospective students and career guidance tests


Hohenheimer online test for prospective students

Borakel – Online student guidance and advisory tool (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Explorix (a charge is made for this service)

Career interest and career aptitude test (geva-institut Munich)
(a charge is made for this service)


Subject-specific online tests


RWTH Aachen

-    Computer science, informatics, electrical engineering, computer engineering

-    Mechanical engineering

-    Physics

-    Psychology


Frankfurt University

-    Psychology


University of Freiburg

-    Psychology

-    Theology

-    Geography

-    English language and literature

-    Computer science / Informatics

-    Environmental Governance (M.Sc.)

-    Forest Ecology and Management (M.Sc.)


Heidelberg University

-    English language and literature


University of Mannheim

-    Psychology

-    Political science

-    Sociology


LMU Munich

-    Computer science / Informatics



Online tests for prospective school teachers (Lehramt/Teacher training programmes)


Deutscher Beamtenbund

(German Civil Service Federation)


Self-test for prospective teachers (Baden-Württemberg)

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