Language courses running during the semester

Saarland University has for many years been offering German language courses that run during the semester (so-called 'in-sessional' courses) and that cover the proficiency range from beginner to advanced user (equivalent to the Common European Framework reference levels A1 to C1). These in-sessional courses are designed to meet the needs of students involved in academic exchange programmes (ERASMUS etc.), foreign students of all disciplines, guest researchers, visiting scholars and their relatives.

The programme covers general language classes (proficiency levels: beginner (A1) to advanced (C1)), which are held twice a week, and other courses teaching specific language skills.

Language courses
General language coursesSpecial skills courses
  • 6 ECTS credits per course
  • 3 ECTS credits per course
  • Course fee: Free to students at Saarland University; all participants from other Universities in Saarland pay €100 per semester (Beginnners' course: 150 euros per semester)
  • Course fee: Free to students at Saarland University; all participants from other Universities in Saarland pay €50 per semester


Courses start in the third week and continue through to the end of the semester. Registration takes place in the week before the semester starts and during the first week of the semester. Participants take a diagnostic placement test.

The registration for our language courses during the winter term 2015 / 2016 is closed. The next registration for our language courses during the semester will be online from the 11th to the 19th of April.

The courses will start in the first week of May.

Language courses for doctoral students

German language course for doctoral students

These German courses are aimed at international doctoral students who wish to improve their German language skills. In addition to developing general language skills (grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing), the focus is on training proficiency in using German in everyday situations, such as making telephone calls, answering e-mails, etc.

As these courses are designed for doctoral students from all academic disciplines, no subject-specific language will be taught.  The course materials are compiled by the course teachers themselves so that there is always an opportunity to respond to specific learner requirements.


The courses offered are:

- Elementary/lower: German course and/or Conversation (speaking skills)

- intermediat: German course and/or Conversation (speaking skills)


Diagnostic language proficiency test:

Applicants will be asked to take a short diagnostic placement test. The courses are run as a joint collaborative project between the university’s GradUS scheme  ( ) and the International Office.



The registration for our German language courses during the summer term 2015 is closed. Please contact us via mail sprachkurse.daf[at] if you have missed the registration deadline.


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