Almost half of all internet users have had their computer hacked or infected with malicious software at some point. Identifying new security problems or cyber attack scenarios and defending against them requires experts who understand the complex structures underlying internet security technology. In response to this need, the "EIT ICT Labs" consortium at the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) established the Master's degree programme "Security and Privacy". Saarland University is one of the partner institutions involved in the M.Sc. programme.

Students spend the first year either at the University of Trento in Italy or at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. The second year is spent studying at Saarland University or at one of four other European universities, with each university offering students courses in a particular field of specialization. At Saarland University, the area of specialization is "Information Security and Privacy".

Students on the Master's programme learn how to design, develop and assess secure computer systems. They become familiar with the concepts and technologies used to achieve confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and data privacy when information is processed on the internet. In addition to the main (major) subject "Security and Privacy", students also take the subsidiary (minor) subject "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" that offers insight into technology management issues from the perspective of companies and businesses in the field. Students on the programme become acquainted with the leading European academic institutions working in the area of information security and establish contacts to companies developing secure information systems.

At Saarland University, students will be part of a lively and dynamic research environment in which pioneering contributions are being made in the areas of IT security, privacy and cryptography. Graduates from the programme will receive two Master's degree certificates – one from each of the universities at which they studied. Graduates can choose to follow a research career path or to work for telecommunications companies, banks and financial institutions or for software engineering companies. Some graduates decide to start their own businesses in order to market new security technologies.

Course of study Security and Privacy
Type of programme International consecutive Master's programme
Standard period of study 4 semesters
Degree qualification Master of Science (M.Sc.) – double degree awarded by each of the two chosen universities
Language of instruction English
English language requirements Language requirements
Start of programme Winter semester
Application deadline All deadlines
Where to apply Application portal – EIT ICT Labs
Tuition fees Tuition fees and scholarships – Tuition fees are waived for European applicants and a travel and installation support is provided.
Study counselling Central Student Advisory Service
Course advisers Contact the course adviser
Web page Master's programme web page