Application deadline

Students can join the M.A. programme at the beginning of the summer or winter semester. Applications should be received by no later than 31 August for students wishing to begin in the winter semester and by the last day of February for students looking to start their studies in the summer semester.

Foreign applicants who do not yet have a certificate of proficiency in German can apply up until 15 July for winter semester entry, and up until 15 January if they plan to begin their studies in the summer semester.

Application procedure

Applications should be submitted via the online application form for Master's programmes.

Please follow the application procedure set out below:

  • Complete the online application form.
  • Once the application has been submitted online, a copy of your application form will be made available to you as a downloadable PDF file. Click on 'PDF Druck' to download a copy of your application.
  • Print out the application form and sign it.
  • Scan the completed and signed application form and all the required supplementary documentation.
  • Submit the scanned documents as a PDF file (max. size: 10 MB) by uploading the file via the file manager for online applications.

Please only submit your application online, do not send in paper application materials.

The online application form is available in German only. You can use this Guide: How to apply in English.

Please note that your application to study a dual-subject Master's degree programme must specify one main (major) subject and one subsidiary (minor) subject. You will only be able to enrol with the university if you have been accepted for admission into both your main (major) and your subsidiary (minor) programmes.

Applicants whose pre-university education credentials were obtained in a country other than Germany

Applicants who do not have adequate proof of proficiency in German at the application deadline can apply as an external candidate to take the DSH language exam (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang), which is the German language proficiency test for foreign applicants seeking admission to higher education, or they can apply for a place on the preparatory German course at Saarland University (Studienkolleg).

External candidates who want to take the DSH exam will require an advanced level of German (equivalent to CEF level C1). Applicants whose German competence is at a lower level than C1 can apply to join the preparatory German course.

Please note that different deadlines apply for applicants who do not yet have the required level of proficiency in German (15 January for a summer semester start, 15 July for a winter semester start). Applications for admission to the Master's programme will only be processed if they are submitted before the relevant deadline.