Centre for International Students
The Guidance Centre for International Students at Saarland University provides support, advice and assistance to incoming students, as well as organizing excursions, informal get-togethers, national cultural evenings and numerous other events.

Centre juridique franco-allemand
The CJFA is a higher educational teaching and research institution for German and French law that is unique within Europe. Students studying for a German law degree can study French law at the same time thus obtaining two degrees simultaneously.

Students at Saarland University's Europa-Institut can study for the LL.M. qualification 'European and International Law' or for the MBA in 'European Management', both of which open up career opportunities in internationally active companies and institutions.

The Europa visiting professorship
Each year Saarland University hosts a guest professorship from a different European country. The visiting academics teach courses that showcase and shed light on their home country. Language courses are also offered. Students at Saarland University therefore have a unique opportunity to learn more about the country, its language and culture.

The university's Frankreichzentrum initiates and coordinates projects and events with a core French focus and provides guidance and support to students looking to begin their professional career in France and other French-speaking countries.

French-speaking academic chairs
Saarland University is the only university in Germany with the right to confer French degrees.

KomPass – Intercultural training programme
is a modular training programme designed to enable students to acquire and develop their intercultural skills and competence. The KomPass programme is open to students of all disciplines regardless of whether or not they have already spent time living or studying abroad. The KomPass certificate can be included in job applications as proof of the candidate's intercultural skills.

Masterkolleg for international students on Master's degree programmes
The Masterkolleg is a service unit at Saarland University that offers information, advice and support to international students enrolled in Master's degree programmes. A series of workshops provides assistance with issues such as integration, student orientation and language training. New students also receive help finding relevant contacts and advisory staff at the university.

Studienkolleg – Higher-education preparatory institution
The Studienkolleg is a higher-education preparatory institution where registered refugees and people entitled to political asylum can acquire the subject-specific knowledge and language skills needed before embarking on certain Master's programmes at Saarland University.

The 'University ot the Greater Region'
The UniGR project allows students to study at more than one university in the Saar-Lor-Lux region. Students have access to the academic courses, personnel, institutions and services available at the partner universities, and receive travel grants from the UniGR mobility fund.

Zertifikat Europaicum
Saarland University is the only university in Germany offering a supplementary qualification in European studies (Zertifikat Europaicum). The Zertifikat Europaicum programme is open to students of all faculties. By selecting appropriate modules, students can incorporate a specialist European dimension to their main programme of study making them even better qualified for the international job market.