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Government Incentives when Pollution Permits are Durable Goods is the title of a new Discussion Paper (No. 2001-06) by Justus Haucap and Roland Kirstein <<November 14, 2001>>

The new Discussion Paper 2001-05: Die EU-Richtlinie zum Folgerecht. Eine ökonomische Gesetzesfolgenanalyse by Dieter Schmidtchen and Roland Kirstein is available. <<October 31, 2001>>

A new Discussion Paper has been added to our list: 2001-03, One Market, One Law: EU Enlargement in light of the economic theory of optimal legal areas, by Dieter Schmidtchen, Alexander Neunzig and Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz. <<July 25, 2001>>

Dieter Schmidtchen und Roland Kirstein published the new Discussion Paper 2001-02: Wettbewerb als Entdeckungsverfahren. <<May 30, 2001>>

The new Discussion Paper 2001-01: An Indirect-Evolution Approach to Newcomb's Problem by Max Albert and Ronald A. Heiner is available. <<May 9, 2001>>

The Center's Activity Report for 1999 and 2000 is finally published. <<March 6, 2001>>

A new Discussion Paper has been added to our list: 2000-08, Kündigungsschutzrecht in den USA und in Deutschland: ein Beitrag zur ökonomischen Rechtsvergleichung by Roland Kirstein, Michael Kittner and Dieter Schmidtchen. <<October 5th, 2000>>

A new Discussion Paper by Roland Kirstein and Dieter Schmidtchen is entitled Do Resale Royalties Make Artists Better Off?-An Economic Analysis of a New EU Directive (DP 2000-07). <<July 25th, 2000>>

The Discussion Paper 2000-06: The New Basle Accord, Internal Ratings, and the Incentives of Banks by Roland Kirstein is available. <<July 10th, 2000>>

A new Discussion Paper is available: The Comitology Game: European Policymaking with Parliamentary Involvement by Bernard Steunenberg and Dieter Schmidtchen (DP 2000-05). <<May 11th, 2000>>

Due to the restructuring of the University's faculty structure, the Center's URL has changed. Our new adress is: <<March 30th, 2000>>

Two new Discussion Papers by Dieter Schmidtchen were added: DP 2000-03: Homo oeconomicus und das Recht, and DP 2000-04: Vertrauen und Recht: Eine ökonomische Analyse (both in German language) <<Feb. 17th, 2000>>

The first two Discussion papers of the new millenium are online: DP 2000-01: Mitbestimmung als Schutz für Quasirenten (Roland Kirstein, in German language), and DP 2000-02: The Violent and the Weak: When Dictators Care About Social Contracts (Roland Kirstein and Stefan Voigt). <<Feb. 4th, 2000>> 

Click here to read about Roland Kirstein's new research project. <<Oct. 29th, 1999>>  

Roland Kirstein's book Imperfekte Gerichte und Vertragstreue - Eine ökonomische Theorie richterlicher Entscheidungen was published. More information (in German) is available here. <<Oct. 29th, 1999>> 

The book Vom Hoheitsstaat zum Konsensualstaat (about flexibilisation of authorisation procedures) edited by Dieter Schmidtchen and Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz was published. Click here for a short description (in German). <<Oct. 20th, 1999>> 

There are two  new Discussion papers available: To Help or Not to Help? The Samaritan's Dilemma Revisited (DP 9909) by Dieter Schmidtchen, and Ordnung by Dieter Schmidtchen and Roland Kirstein (DP 9910). <<Oct. 3rd, 1999>> 

A new Discussion paper was added: Enlargement of the European Unuion and the approximation of law: Lessons from an economic theory of optimum legal areas, by Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz and Dieter Schmidtchen: Discussion Paper 9908. <<June 28, 1999>> 

The Discussion paper list was updated. Seven new papers from 1999 were added <<June 11, 1999>> 

The Center's Annual Report 1998 is available. Click here to view a html-version or here to download a *.pdf-file.
Also, the list of research projects has been updated (May 25, 1999).  

A page for the new member of the Center, Eric Neumayer, has been added. (May 3, 1999).  

The book "Der Effizienz auf der Spur - Die Funktionsfähigkeit der Justiz im Lichte der ökonomischen Analyse des Rechts", edited by Dieter Schmidtchen and Stephan Weth, has been published.  

All Discussion Papers from 1998 are now available as *.pdf - files. Click here to get to our Discussion Paper list. 

Information about the Annual Meeting New Political Economy 1998 ("Globalization of the Economy and Legal Order: New Institutional Economics of International Transactions") has been added. Here you can read a summary of the Conference's Papers. (available in German only). 

A new Discussion Paper: "Energierechtsreform und Kommunalfinanzen" (9805) by Christoph Bier is available (December 14, 1998)  

The Discussion Paper 9804: "Funktionen und Schutz von 'property rights' - Eine ökonomische Analyse" by Dieter Schmidtchen has been added (July 20, 1998) 

Roland Kirsteins Paper "Legal Cost Insurance as a Strategic Device" (9711) is now downloadable as LaTex-dvi-file (July 20, 1998)   

The Discussion Paper 9803: "Regulating Television and the Case of Football World Cup" by Mathias Hafner and Alexander R. Neunzig is available (July 17, 1998) 

A new Discussion Paper (9802) by Roland Kirstein and Alexander R. Neunzig is available: "Internationales Forum Shopping und die Anerkennung ausländischer Gerichtsurteile" (July 1, 1998) 

A new page listing our supporters has been added (May 25, 1998) 

The Annual Report 1997 is available (April 22, 1998). Click here to view a html-version or here to download a Winword 6.0-file 

Dieter Schmidtchen's comment on the article "Ownership and Corporate Governance of Stock Exchanges" by Johannes Köndgen has been published in Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 154(1), 1998, 252-256 

The Discussion Paper 9708 "Effizienz als Rechtsprinzip. Bemerkungen zu dem gleichnamigen Buch von Horst Eidenmüller" by Dieter Schmidtchen has been published in Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, 217/2, 1998, 251-267 

The Jahrestagung Neue Politische Ökonomie 1998: Globalisierung der Wirtschaft und Rechtsordnung - Zur Neuen Institutionenökonomik Internationaler Transaktionen will take place in Saarbrücken, 7th to 9th October 1998. For further information click here 


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