Johann Heinrich Ferdinand von Autenrieth



Doctor, anatomist, surgeon


Born: 20.10.1772 in Stuttgart

Died: 02.05.1835 in Tübingen


Doctorate: 1792 in Stuttgart (medicine)

University lecturer: 1797 - 1835 Tübingen


Autenrieth studied medicine from 1785 at the Hohe Karlschule in Stuttgart, an institution founded by Duke Karl Eugen von Württemberg. After attaining his doctorate, Autenrieth went to Pavia for six months. Two years later, he accompanied his father - Jakob Friedrich Autenrieth, a Württemberg state official - to Pennsylvania. Although Autenrieth's attempt to set up a medical practice in Lancaster was unsuccessful, his eighteen months in America taught him a great deal which would be useful in his later career. Most important was his first-hand experience of yellow fever, which he himself caught for a period.

In 1797, Autenreith became full professor of anatomy, physiology, surgery and obstetrics at the University of Tübingen. Over the 38 years which followed he gave stimulating lectures on almost all aspects of medicine – particularly noteworthy were his anatomical-physiological lectures and those on forensic medicine. Autenrieth founded the Tübingen University in-patient clinic in 1805 and became one of the best-known doctors of his day. He had a great deal of influence on the Tübingen teaching hospital, to which he remained loyal despite numerous offers. On becoming chancellor of the University in 1819, he took up the seat in the Württemberg Landtag which came with this position.

Autenrieth was active in every conceivable part of medicine and natural science. His most important work was the Handbuch der empirischen menschlichen Physiologie (handbook of empirical human physiology), published in 3 volumes in 1801.

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