Joachim Dietrich Brandis



Doctor, pharmacist


Born: 18.03.1762 in Hildesheim

Died: 28.04.1846 in Copenhagen


Doctorate: 1785 in Göttingen (medicine)

University lecturer: 1791 - 1795 Braunschweig, 1803 - 1810 Kiel


In 1795, four years after qualifying as a lecturer in Braunschweig, Brandis was sent to Holzminden as member of a public health commission. At the same time, he worked as a spa doctor in Driburg. In 1799 he assumed the same function in Holzminden. In 1803 he was called to Kiel as a full professor of medicine. He emigrated to Copenhagen in 1810, where he was a royal physician until his death.

Brandis rendered a great service to medicine with his publication of Erfahrungen über die Anwendung der Kälte in Krankheiten (experiences of the application of cold in cases of illness).

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