Joseph Ennemoser





Born: 15.11.1787 in Schönau (Tirol)

Died: 19.09.1854 in Egern


Doctorate: 1816 in Berlin (medicine)

University lecturer: 1817 - 1837 Bonn


Ennemoser studied medicine in Innsbruck before becoming Andreas Hofer's secretary in 1809. He later continued his studies in Salzburg, Erlangen and Berlin before joining the Lützow´schen Freikorps (The Lützow Free Corps, a military unit) in 1812. In 1815 he recommenced his studies, and gained his doctorate in Berlin in 1816. The rest of his career was spent in Bonn, where he qualified as a private lecturer in 1817, then received extraordinary (1820) and finally full (1828) professorial status. He retired to Innsbruck in 1837 and finally settled in Munich in 1841.

Ennemoser was one of the most extreme proponents of the "mystic" disciplines which grew out of the natural sciences – mesmerism and animal magnetism.

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