Karl Wilhelm Ideler



Doctor, psychiatrist.


Born: 25.10.1795 in Bentwisch (Brandenburg region)

Died: 29.07.1860 in Kumbosen


Doctorate: 1820 in Berlin (Medicine)

University lecturer: 1839 -1860 Berlin


Ideler was the son of a preacher. In 1811 his uncle, the astronomer and mathematician Ludwig Ideler, obtained a place for him to study medicine at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Institut in Berlin. His studies were interrupted by the France campaign of 1815. Ideler gained his doctorate in 1820 and started to practice in Bernau in 1821. He later moved to Rathenow and then to Genthin. In 1828 he returned to Berlin and took over the leadership of the department for mental illness at the Charité. This position suited him well, as he had never liked the life of the practitioner. He had already drawn attention to himself with the publication of his Anthropologie für Ärzte (Anthropology for Doctors) in 1826.

Ideler became an extraordinary professor at the Berlin Faculty in 1839 – he had already qualified as a lecturer there in 1831. In 1840 he was called to a full professorship and became director of the psychiatric clinic.

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