Enlightened Violence – Violent Enlightenment

Session at the Eleventh Quadrennial Congress of

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Accepted Contributions

Louise Barnett (Rutgers University, USA):
Swift's Satiric Violence

François-Emmanuël Boucher (Royal Military Coll. of Canada, Kingston, ON, Can.):
Fénelon, Lesage and the Desasters of the War of Spanish Succession

Murray L. Brown (Georgia State University, GA, USA):
Sir Charles Grandison: Violence Depicted and Diffused

John R.J. Eyck (Washington D.C., USA):
Losing Your Head over Lady Jane Gray, or How a Sentimental Revolution Turned Revolting

Flavio Gregori (Università Ca’Foscari di Venezia, IT):
The Domestication of Belligerence in the Eighteenth-Century Epic: Alexander Pope’s Iliad and Odyssey as the Abandonment of the True Grand Style

Anthony Jarrels (English Department, William Patterson University, NJ, USA):
Why Literature Rose but not the People: Writing and Violence in post-1789 England

Andrea Pühringer:
Violence in War. The Presentation of Physical Violence in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Art

Monika Ritzer (Universität Leipzig, D):
Representations of Violence in Enlightenment Tragedy

Ricarda Schmidt (University of Manchester, UK):
Virtue and Violence. Naive, Ironic, Rationalising, and Critical Presentations of this Nexus in 18th-Century European Prose

Mary Trouille (Illinois State University, IL, USA):
Buried Alive. Genlis's Gothic Tale of Domestic Violence