Romantic Drama

a volume in the

ICLA Comparative Literary History Series

Edited by Gerald Gillespie (Stanford)

Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins


ISBN 90 272 3441 8




I. Renewal and Innovation

Shakespeare and the Formation of Romantic Drama in Germany and France   by Lilian R. Furst

The Reception of the Spanish Theatre in European Romanticism    by Douglas Hilt

"Theater in the Theater" and "World Theater": Play Thematics and the Breakthrough of Romantic Drama   by Manfred Schmeling

Illusion and Romantic Drama   by Frederick Burwick

Assimilation and Adaptation of Existing Forms in Drama of the Romantic Period   by W.D. Howarth

II. Themes, Styles, Structures

Shakespeare Refracted: Writer, Audience, and Rewriter in French and German Romantic Translations   by André Lefevere

Folklore and Romantic Drama   by Miroslav J. Hanak and Nadezda Andreeva-Popova

Nationalism, and the Romantic Drama in Europe   by Marvin Carlson

Romantic Redefinitions of the Tragic   by Jeffrey N. Cox

The Romantic Tragedy of Fate   by Gerhart Hoffmeister

Empathy and Distance: German Romantic Theories of Acting Reconsidered   by Gloria Flaherty

What is Romantic Opera? - Toward a Musico-Literary Definition    by Ulrich Weisstein

III. Affinity, Dissemination, Reception

The Italian Romantic Drama in Its European Context    by Marvin Carlson

Romantic Drama in the Hispanic World: The Picturesque Mode    by John Dowling

Polish Romantic Drama in Perspective   by Harold B. Segel

Russian Romantic Drama: The Case of Griboedov   by Alexander Gershkovich

Romanticism in Genres of Drama in Bohemia   by Hana Voisine-Jechova

Romantic Drama in Hungary   by Mihály Szegedy-Maszák

Romantic Trends in Scandinavian Drama   by George Bisztray

From Dark into Light: Nineteenth-Century Romantic Drama in English-Canada   by Richard Plant

Nineteenth-Century American Drama: A Romantic Quest    by Dinnah Pladott

The Romantic Theater in Hispanic America   by Emilio Carilla

IV. The Romantic Legacy

Classic Vision in the Romantic Age: Goethe's Reconstitution of European Drama in Faust II   by Gerald Gillespie

Romantic Irony and Biedermeier Tragicomedy   by Virgil Nemoianu

Romantic Cosmic Drama   by Martin Esslin

The Past Is Prologue: The Romantic Heritage in Dramatic Literature   by Gerald Gillespie




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