Romantic Non-fictional Prose

a volume in the

ICLA Comparative Literary History Series

Ed. by Virgil Nemoianu and Steven Sondrup with Gerald Gillespie

 Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins 1993


I. "General Introduction" (Virgil Nemoianu)

II. Romantic Theoretical and Critical Writings

Monika Schmitz-Emans, "Linguistic Idioms and Image Discourses: Sources of Romantic Thought"

Carolyn Buckley-La Rocque, "Sir Walter Scott and the Beginnings of Ethnology"

Gerhart Hoffmeister, "Hegel and Hegelianism in European Romanticism"

Manfred Engel and Jürgen Lehmann, "The Aesthetics of German Idealism and Its Reception in European Romanticism"

Mary Anne Perkins, "Romantic Theories of National Literature and Language"

Monika Schmitz-Emans, "Romantic Criticism: the First 200 Years"

III. Expansions in Time

Michael Gassenmeier and Jens Martin Gurr, "Burke's Conservatism and Its Echoes on the Continent and in the United States"

Steven Sondrup, "The Narration of Nation and the Revival of Northern Mythology"

Carolyn Buckley-La Rocque, "The Historical Novel Reconsidered: Cesare Beccaria and the Influence of Dei Delitti e delle pene"

IV. Expansions in Space

Mircea Anghelescu, "Travel Literature in Eastern and Western Europe"

Richard Gravil, "Redeeming 'the promise of England': Romanticism in America"

Joselyn Almeida, "Latin American Aspects"

V. Expansions of the Self

Margaret Higonnet, "Feminine and Feminist Dimensions of the Romantic Phenomenon"

Eugene Stelzig, "The Romantic Subject in Autobiography"

Fred Garber, "Allegories of Address: the Poetics of the Romantic Diary"

VI. Generic Expansions

Fred Garber, "The Romantic Familiar Essay: History and Genre"

John Boening, "The Unending Conversation: The Role of Periodicals in England and the Continent during the Romantic Age"

Monica Spiridon, "The Romantic Pamphlet: Stylistic and Thematic Impurity of a Genre"

Jose Manuel Losada Goya, "Costumbrismo in Spanish Literature and Its European Connections"

VII. Intersections: Scientific and Artistic Discourses in the Romantic Age

Gerald Gillespie, "Romantic Art Theories"

Jean-Pierre Barricelli, "Diabolus in Musica Romantica"

Alan Richardson, "Romanticism, the Unconscious, and the Brain"

Joel Black, "Literary Sources of Romantic Psychology: The Self-Analytic Case History Before Freud"

John Isbell, "The Frankenstein Hypothesis: Romantics Disavow the Romantic Movement 1800-1830"

VIII. Intimations of Transcendence

Virgil Nemoianu, "Sacrality as Aesthetic in the Early 19th century"

Jose Losada Goya, "The Myth of the Fallen Angel: Its Theosophy in Scandinavian, English, and French Literatures"

IX. Conclusion: "The Explosion of Romanticism: Centrifugal Energies" (Virgil Nemoianu)


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