Romantic Poetry

a volume in the

ICLA Comparative Literary History Series

Ed. by Angela Esterhammer

Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins 2002



Table of Contents

0.1    Introduction (Angela Esterhammer)

1 The Evolution of Sensibility and Representation

1.1 Autumn in the Romantic Lyric: An Exemplary Case of Paradigm Shift (Lilian R. Furst)

1.2 Reflection as Mimetic Trope (Frederick Burwick)

1.3 On Romantic Cognition (Maria Ciela-Korytowska)

1.4 Loss and Expectation: Temporal Entwinement as Figure and Theme in Novalis, Wordsworth, Nerval, and Leopardi (John M. Baker, Jr.)

1.5 Poetry as Self-Consumption: Women Writers and Their Audiences in British and German Romanticism (Kari Lokke)

2 The Evolution of Genre

2.1 Lyric Poetry in the Early Romantic Theory of the Schlegel Brothers (Ernst Behler)

2.2 The Romantic Ode: History, Language, Performance (Angela Esterhammer)

2.3 The European Romantic Epic and the History of a Genre (Irena Nikolova)

2.4 The Sublime Sonnet in European Romanticism (Ian Balfour)

2.5 Elegiac Muses: Romantic Women Poets and the Elegy (Patrick Vincent)

3 Romantic Poetry and National Projects

3.1 Awakening Peripheries: The Romantic Redefinition of Myth and Folklore (George Bisztray)

3.2 "National Poets" in the Romantic Age: Emergence and Importance (Virgil Nemoianu)

3.3 Romanian Poetry and the Great Romantic Narrative about the Mission of the Poet (Monica Spiridon)

3.4 Time and History in Spanish Romantic Poetry (Donald L. Shaw)

3.5 The Experience of the City in British Romantic Poetry (Michael Gassenmeier and Jens Martin Gurr)

3.6 "Sons of Song": Irish Literature in the Age of Nationalism (Julia M. Wright)

3.7 Near the Rapids: Thomas Moore in Canada (D. M. R. Bentley)

3.8 Address and Its Dialectics in American Romantic Poetry (Frederick Garber)

4 Interpretations, Re-creations, and Performances of Romantic Poetry

4.1 Baudelaire's Re-reading of Romanticism: Theorizing Commodities / The Commodification of Theory (Geraldine Friedman)

4.2 Reception as Performance: The Case of Shelley in Germany (Susanne Schmid)

4.3 Implications of an Influence: On Hölderlin's Reception of Rousseau (Stanley Corngold)

4.4 Organicist Poetics as Romantic Heritage? (John Neubauer)

4.5 The Uses of Romantic Poetry: Feminine Subjects in Modern Spanish Culture (Susan Kirkpatrick)

4.6 Latin American Identity and the Eternal Return of Romanticism (Marco Luis Dorfsman)


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