Romantic Irony

a volume in the

ICLA Comparative Literary History Series

Ed. by Frederick Garber

Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó

Amsterdam: John Benjamins


ISBN 963 05 4844 5

Table of Contents

General Preface   by Henry Remak (Bloomington)

Editor's Preface   by Frederick Garber (Binghamton)

Tradition and Background

Romantic Irony and Cervantes   by Lowry Nelson, Jr. (New Haven)

Sterne: Arabesques and Fictionality   by Frederick Garber (Binghamton)

National Manifestations

The Theory of Irony in German Romanticism    by Ernst Behler (Seattle)

The Practice of Irony in Early German Romanticism   by Raymond Immerwahr (London, Ontario)

Modes of Romantic Irony in Nineteenth-Century France   by Rene Bourgois (Paris)

The Ironic Recit in Portuguese Romanticism    by Maria de Lourdes Ferraz and Jacinto do Prado Coelho (Lisbon)

Imagination and Irony in English Romantic Poetry   by Anthony Thorlby (Essex)

Thorbecke and the Resistance to Irony in the Netherlands   by Wim Van Den Berg and Joost Kloek (Utrecht)

Romantic Irony in Scandinavian Literature   by George Bisztray (Toronto)

Irony and World-Creation in the Work of Mihai Eminescu    by Vera Calin (Los Angeles)

Romantic Irony in Nineteenth-Century Hungarian Literature    by Mihály Szegedy-Maszák (Budapest)

Romantic Irony in Polish Literature and Criticism    by Edward Mozejko and Milan V. Dimic (Edmonton)

Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol: Ironic Modes in Russian Romanticism   by Roman S. Struc (Calgary)

Romantic Irony and the Southern Slavs   by Milan Dimic (Edmonton)

The Development of Romantic Irony in the United States    by G. R. Thompson (Lafayette)


Romantic Irony and Narrative Stance   by Lilian Furst (Chapel Hill)

Musical Forms of Romantic Irony by   Jean-Pierre Barricelli (Riverside)

Romantic Irony and the Grotesque   by Gerald Gillespie (Stanford)

Romantic Irony in Modern Anti-Theater   by Gerald Gillespie (Stanford)

Coda: Ironies, Domestic and Cosmopolitan   by Frederick Garber (Binghamton)




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