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We are looking for some additional essays for a book on "The Dream and the Enlightenment/Le rêve et les lumières" to supplement the results of a Round Table organised as part of the last "International Society for Enlightenment Studies" Congress (Dublin, July 99). The volume will appear in the year 2001 as part of the new ISECS Series "International 18th Century Studies", edited by Jochen Schlobach (publishers: Honoré Champion, Paris).

These essays – not longer than 20 typed pages – will have to be written in English or French and should cover one of the following subjects as broadly as possible:

Essays should be written from a historicist point of view and avoid the fallacy of anticipation (still prevailing in most studies of the subject). Instead of projecting modern - predominantly Freudian - concepts back into the 18th Century, the theories of the period should be considered in their own right and in their own historical context

Please do also feel free to formulate a topic not obviously included under one of our headings, which deals with dreams in the literature or the arts of the Enlightenment. Also, please do mention scholars whom you believe we ought to contact as potential contributors.


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Proposals are welcome until April 30th 2000; contributions should be handed in by October 30th 2000.

Please direct proposals or inquiries to one of the editors

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