Cooperation with company futomat

(Mr. Thomas R. Funk)

1. Interview (topic of cooperation)


2. Lecture (topic of cooperation)


3. Movie (microscopic investigations of red blood cells)


The movie shows the reaction of red blood cells (RBCs) concerning the intracellular Ca2+ content and the phosphatidylserine (PS) exposition at the external surface after addition of 2.5 M lysophosphatidic acid (LPA). LPA is an activator of non-selective cation channels. Pictures were taken using a confocal fluorescence microscope every 135 seconds. The total time of the experiment was about 20 minutes. After the first picture (which has been taken before LPA addition) many RBCs react with Ca2+ uptake following LPA addition. This can be seen as an increasing green signal (X Rhod-1 as Ca2+-sensitive fluorescent dye). After that the suicidal death of many RBCs (so-called eryptosis) is induced. This can be seen as occurring of transparent cells (without contrast) with increasing PS exposition (red signal, pSIVA as PS-sensitive fluorescent dye).