Route2025*-Webinar: “Horizon 2020 – From Project Idea to Proposal”

The webinar "Horizon 2020 - From Project Idea to Proposal" gives participants a flexible way to find out about the structures and contents of the EU research funding programme, offers tips on proposal writing and provides an opportunity to refresh their existing knowledge.

Target group: The webinar is only open to participants from Saarland universities and other research organisations as well as Saarland companies in particular SMEs.

Link to the Webinar:https://www.route2025.eu/en/events/webinar-from-project-idea-to-proposal-2

Online registration:https://www.route2025.eu/en/events/webinar-from-project-idea-to-proposal-2/registration

* Route2025 is a Saarland University project, supported by the State Chancellery with funds from the Saarland and the European Union’s “European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)”.