The AMASE programme at a glance

AMASE - Advanced Materials Science and Engineering

Degree Double Degree, Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Duration 4 Semester (inculding 6 months working on the Master thesis)
Beginning Winterterm


UdS - Universität des Saarlandes/ Germany

LTU  - Luleå Technology University/ Sweden

UL - Université de Lorraine / France

UPC - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelonatech /Spain

Languages of instruction

German, English, French, Spanish (at each place respectively)

Participation costs per semester

1.500 €/ EU students;

4.500 €/ non-EU students*


Students attend courses at two of the universities in the Consortium.

1st + 2nd Semester: Students spend the first two semesters at their chosen Entrance University.

3rd Semester students select one of the other three partner universities.

4th semester: Students write their Master thesis at one of the two chosen universities.

Admission requirements

Bachelor of Science or similar degree

with thorough training in:

  • Mathematics,
  • Physics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physical Chemistry,
  • Basic knowledge of the structure and behaviour of materials



*The participation costs for non-EU students who started in the wintersemester 2015/16 and in the wintersemester 2016/17 will not change and therefore still amount to 4.000€ per semester. The participation costs rise to 4.500€ for non-EU students starting their studies in the wintersemester of 2017/18.




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