Fees and scholarships

Participation costs

EU students                     Third-Country students
1500€ (per semester)4500€ (per semester)*


*The participation costs for non-EU students who started in the wintersemester 2014/15 and in the wintersemester 2016/17 will not change and therefore still amount to 4.000€ per semester. The participation costs rise to 4.500€ for non-EU students starting their studies in the wintersemester of 2017/18.


Costs including: 

  • Accident and health insurance (171€ per semester)
  • Inscription fees (Note: inscription fees only have to be paid at the university, where the student stays at this semester!)
  • Costs for the Integration Week plus travel allowance for Non-Scholarship holders (30€ to UL, 100€ to UPC, 200€ to LTU)
  • Students coming to Uds in 3.Semester: reimbursement for one intensive language course (only Non-Scholarship holders)

Please transfer the participation fees to the account named below  before the begining of the respective semester.


Here you can find an overview explaining for which expenses your tution fees are spend on: Structure of the participation costs


Note on visas and residence permits for Erasmpus+ participants

The European Commission compiled a note regarding the issuing of visas and residence permits for Erasmus+ participants coming from Partner Countries.


The Note provides you with general guidelines and a link to the EU immigration portal, where further information is displayed both for short stays and long stays.


Integration Week: Deposit and administration fee

Students who participate as self- financing students, have to pay a deposit and administration fee of 100 € until the 20th of June.

This deposit/administration fee will be used as a commission for the Integration Week and will be considered as a part of the tuition fees.

As you already know, the participation in the Integration Week from the 20th – 26th of August is compulsory. During this week, you will be accommodated in the Youth Hostel in Saarbrücken. The costs for the Integration Week are covered by EUSMAT. Since the rooms have to be booked until 15th July, this deposit is needed as a guarantee that you will join both the Programme and the Integration Week.

If you transfer the 100 € until the 20th of June., we will make a reservation for you in the Hostel. Please note that these administration fees cannot be reimbursed in case you do not join the programme. If you pay the tuition fees for the whole semester (4000 € for non-EU and 1500 € for EU students) before the 15th of July, you do not need to pay this deposit.

So please transfer the money until the 20th of June.




If students need financial support during their study period, they can apply for several scholarships.  




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Please transfer the money to the following account: 

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