Resources for the Queer and Transgender Community

In accordance with the Diversity Policy of Saarland University, the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Management Unit in cooperation with the AStA aims to create a university environment where diverse sexual orientations and gender identities are respected and celebrated.  We explicitly invite all students and employees to come to us with their concerns, experiences, and ideas. Our team members are happy to offer support, information, and resources to all members of Saarland University, particularly in the face of experiences of discrimination at our university. 

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Resources for the Queer and Transgender Community

Even today, homophobia and transphobia are real. According to a survey among LSBTI adolescents in 2015, 82% of all participants and even 96% of Trans respondents were discriminated against on the basis of their sexual or gender-specific identity (Günter Dworek, LSVD Federal Executive Board).  

Transgender persons are playing a special role in the LGBTIQI * Community. Instead of sexual orientation, transgendered are struggling with their gender identity. Transgender persons are describing their experiences of discrimination as different comparing to gays or lesbians.

The  AStA Queer presentation  has been active and taking a lead in organizing and providing advocacy for the students who identify as queer as well as transgender at Saarland University. For more details and current events please visit their  Facebook page .  

The AStA department for LGBTQI also provides a task force for transgender, non-binary and intersexual students at Saarland University. The task force is lead by students. They organise regular meetings to talk about specific problems and they are campaigning for acceptance at campus. If you are interested in taking part, please contact the AStA department for LGBTQI via E-Mail or via phone 0681/302-4237

To address harassment or threat on the basis of sexual orientation or gender at Saarland University, you can also contact the Gender Equality Office .  

For general questions and queries, you may reach us at chancengleichheit(at)



  • The Saarland Lesbian and Gay Association  (Lesben- und Schwulenverband Saar) is a civil rights association in the state of Saarland to support the Queer community. They provide information, consultations, networking, and advocacy for the Queer Community with regards to administration, legal, social, and health matters. Their Facebook page can be found  here

  • Transgender Outpatient Clinic  at Saarland University, Homburg Campus, advises clients and their families with regard to Trans-identity in medical terms. 

  • The Saarland Lesbian and Gay Association also have a transgender group which is organized as a self-caring and best practice group. They provide regular meetings every first Wednesday at 19:00 at the “Checkpoint” (Mainzerstr. 44 66111 Saarbrücken). For further information, please contact them via email:

  • The Frauen Gender Bibliothek Saar also  supports local Lesbian Women as a library and a meeting place for events and discussions.     

  • AIDS Hilfe Saar ev  has a prevention campaign  "Gudd druff! ” that provides comprehensive information on HIV and other STDs.   

  • To change assigned name or sex in German legal documents, follow the procedure of the German Transsexual Act guidelines provided by LSVD or talk to your local department of the German lesbian and gay association


  • 100% HUMAN project : They organize campaigns throughout Germany to promote legal and social equality for all regardless of sexual orientation and gender.  

  • A comprehensive glossary in the German language can be found  here  Source: Queer lexicon (undated). Glossary in  accessed on April 9, 2020. 

  • Rainbow Cities: Eight German cities have signed the Rainbow Cities Network concerned with LGBTQIA policies. This shows how these policies are taking shape in major cities of Germany.   

  • Guide for  Homosexuality and Islam  in German, English, Turkish and Arabic 

  • The LSVD project  “Queer Refugees Germany”  connects, supports and advises LGBTQIA refugees and organizations working with the refugees 



Lokale Ressourcen
  • Der Lesben- und Schwulenverband Saar ist eine Bürgerrechtsvereinigung im Saarland, die die Queer-Gemeinschaft unterstützt. Sie bietet Informationen, Beratungen, Vernetzung und Anwaltschaft für die Queer Community in Bezug auf Verwaltungs-, Rechts-, Sozial- und Gesundheitsfragen. Hier finden Sie die Facebook-Seite
  • Die Ambulanz für Transidentität, Transgender, Transsexualität und Geschlechtsdysphorie im Kindes- u. Jugendalter an der Universität des Saarlandes, Campus Homburg, berät Klienten und ihre Familien in Bezug auf die Transidentität in medizinischer Hinsicht.
  • Der Lesben- und Schwulenverband Saar hat auch eine Transgender-Gruppe, die als Best-Practice-Gruppe organisiert ist. Die Gruppe trifft sich jeweils am ersten Mittwoch des Monats um 19:00 Uhr am „Checkpoint“ (Mainzerstr. 44 66111 Saarbrücken) an. Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie sie bitte per E-Mail:
  • Die FrauenGenderBibliothek Saar unterstützt auch lokale Lesben als Bibliothek und Treffpunkt für Veranstaltungen und Diskussionen.
  • Die AIDS Hilfe Saar e.V. betreibt die Präventionskampagne "Gudd druff!" und bietet in diesem Zusammenhang umfassende Informationen zu HIV und anderen sexuell übertragbaren Krankheiten.
  • Informationen bezüglich der Namens- oder Geschlechtsänderung in offiziellen deutschen Rechtsdokumenten finden Sie in den Richtlinien des Deutschen Transexuellengesetzes bereitgestellt vom LSVD oder persönlich bei den lokalen Stellen des LSVD.
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