Business Administration (B.Sc.)

Students enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree programme Business Administration will learn how to analyse and solve problems and how to make meaningful decisions. The programme aims to teach the knowledge and key skills that are needed to manage a business successfully and that can be used in a great many other careers and professions as well. Graduates with a degree in business administration find employment in a rich spectrum of fields, such as: industry, business and commerce, the building and commercial trades, the banking and insurance sectors, business and tax consultancies, accounting and auditing firms, public administration or in professional associations and political organizations. Business graduates are in demand not only with small and medium-sized companies, but also with large and internationally active corporations.


The B.Sc. programme in business administration at Saarland University is research-based, and focused on teaching the fundamentals and key methodologies of the subject. At the core of the curriculum are the principles of business management for today’s business environment, characterized as it is by new technologies, increasing globalization and dynamic market mechanisms. Practical relevance is another defining feature of the B.Sc. programme. Students profit from the fact that the department has extensive contacts to the business community as this network allows them to become acquainted with potential future employers at an early stage of their studies.

The professorial staff at Saarland University are highly sought-after experts in the fields of economics, media and politics. The sixteen professorial chairs within the department offer a comprehensive and broad-ranging teaching programme in the areas:

  • Financial Administration
  • Management
  • Business informatics  and
  • Economics


Excellence in research creates the best possible conditions for high-quality undergraduate tuition. Many of the academic textbooks used in the B.Sc. programme were penned by members of the department.


Students graduating from the programme will be awarded a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in business administration. The standard period of study for a full-time student to complete the B.Sc. programme is six semesters.


In addition to business administration, the department also runs the following programmes: