Business Administration (B.Sc.)

Programme schedule

To graduate from the B.Sc. programme, students must accumulate a total of 180 credits (or credit points “CP”) as defined by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The credits are awarded for successfully completing modules or module elements in the following core subject areas:


  • Methods of economic science  (30 CP)
  • Business administration (54 CP)
  • Economics (30 CP)
  • Law (12 CP)
  • General and non-subject-specific qualifications (18 CP)
  • Specialist and advanced topics (36 CP)


The structure of the B.Sc. programme has been designed to ensure that students learn about the fundamental methodologies used in economic studies, and acquire a solid grounding in business administration (e.g. business informatics, marketing management and strategic management), economics (e.g. economic policy) and law. The programme also enables students to gain more general, non-subject-specific qualifications in such areas as languages, philosophy, oral communication and presentation skills. Students also have the opportunity to undertake more specialist or advanced courses that enable them to develop a specific career profile. These modules include compulsory work placements (internships), a broad range of courses covering more advanced aspects of business and general economics, seminar assignments and presentations, and their final-year thesis.


Some of the advantages offered by the B.Sc. programme in business administration in Saarbrücken include:


  • Solid grounding in the methodologies used in the field of economic studies
  • Linking content between the three areas business economics, general economics and legal aspects
  • Soft skills
  • Opportunities for students to strengthen and deepen their personal career profiles.


Graduates of the B.Sc. programme will have acquired a strong theoretical understanding of the subject that will enable them to analyse a wide variety of business and management problems and to select and apply an appropriate solution. Business administration studies at Saarland University offer as systematic and rigorous approach to dealing with today’s increasingly global and complex economic problems.