Business Administration (B.Sc.)

Special features

Practical relevance and an international outlook are the features that define the Department of Economics at Saarland University. The B.Sc. programme in business administration teaches the fundamental aspects and key methodologies of the subject allowing students to gain the core business competencies required in their later career.

Close cooperative ties with financial institutions also provides students with the chance to train for and gain a vocational qualification in banking. Professor Dr. Hartmut Bieg, Chair of Business Administration (Bank Management) (Building B4 1, Tel.: 06 81/ 3 02-21 30), has developed in cooperation with Sparkasse Saarbrücken and the Saarland Chamber of Industry and Commerce a model that enables a limited number of students to continue studying while at the same time training to acquire a vocational qualification in banking.

The Foreign Trade and International Management section within the Department of Business Administration is responsible for supervising cooperative partnerships with the EMLYON Business School and the ESC Rouen Business School that enable students at Saarland University to work toward achieving a double degree awarded by Saarland University and one of the two French business schools.

Students of business administration also benefit from the large number of cooperative and exchange programmes with universities in other countries. In most cases, credits gained while studying abroad are recognized and can be transferred. For more information, please contact the International Office (Building A2 2, Room 3.21, Tel.: +49 (0)681/3 02-44 87).

International work placement opportunities and internships can be arranged via the AIESEC student organization (Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales, Building A5 4, Tel.: +49 (0)681 302-2932).

The increasing internationalization of the European economy is placing ever higher demands on students’ knowledge of foreign trade, and on their foreign language skills, mobility and flexibility.
Saarland University offers a wide range of additional qualifications within its general studies programme and a broad spectrum of language courses at the university’s
language centre.

The departmental student organization (Fachschaft) at the Department of Economics provides guidance and orientation events for new students before the main winter teaching period begins.

The mathematics teaching staff at the department (Building B4 1, Ground Floor, Room 107, Tel.: +49 (0)681/3 02-31 16) ) also run a two-week maths preparatory course before the main winter teaching period begins.

In addition to the main academic courses offered, there are numerous other events and courses (funded by student tuition fees) such as tutorials, presentation courses, team communication courses or courses in which students can improve their academic study skills. For more information, please follow this  link.