Computer and Communications Engineering (B.Sc.)

With the advent of the internet, telecommunications and computer communications are growing and merging into what could be described as the nervous system of the global community. Together with the fascinating new possibilities offered by mobile communication systems, new technologies are being created that will forever change the way in which we live communicate and do business. Students on the Bachelor’s degree programme in computer and communications engineering will learn how to help shape this incredibly dynamic field. The degree programme provides a good grounding in both the theoretical and practical aspects of all areas needed in order to be able to understand and develop mobile communication technologies. The programme comprises a carefully selected set of modules covering the relevant areas of informatics and electrical engineering, while allowing students the chance to pursue personal preferences and interests in such areas as networks, circuits and systems, and signal processing.

The Bachelor’s degree programme 'Computer and Communications Engineering' is aimed at prospective students with a German higher-education entrance qualification or equivalent qualification. The standard period of study for a full-time student to complete the programme is six semesters; those studying part-time will typically need up to 9 semesters. After passing the final examination, graduates will be awarded a 'Bachelor of Science' (B.Sc.) degree.


Graduates in computer and communications engineering have excellent career prospects in such growth areas as:

  • Information technology,
  • Telecommunications and internet technology,
  • E-commerce and computer technology,
  • Business consulting,
  • Finance, insurance and trade,
  • Automotive and traffic technology,
  • Semiconductor technology ,
  • Medical technology.


In addition to some well-known major corporations, potential employers include numerous established medium-sized businesses and some highly dynamic young start-up companies. Graduates therefore have access to interesting and challenging career openings in regional, national and international markets.

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