Europe creates opportunities. And those who understand EU law, who know how European economies function, and who appreciate what distinguishes and what links European cultures – in short, those with specialist knowledge of Europe – have skills that are in increasingly high demand in both the German and international labour markets.

For students looking to gain a supplementary qualification in European studies, Saarland University offers its "Zertifikat Europaicum" – a certificate in European studies that is unique in Germany. Students can individually select modules of interest to create a European focus to their degree programme – giving them invaluable insight into research areas and careers with a European dimension.

Students have the opportunity to study the fundamentals of Europe's economic and legal systems and to expand their geographical, cultural and historical understanding of Europe. In addition to enabling students to acquire specialist academic knowledge, and to develop their intercultural and linguistic proficiency, the "Zertifikat Europaicum" also provides students with an opportunity to build social and communication skills.

The "Zertifikat Europaicum" programme is open to students of all faculties. For those students studying at one of Saarland University's three faculties of humanities, the Europaicum qualification can be acquired as a complementary elective subject as part of their dual-subject bachelor's degree.

The time taken to acquire the Europaicum qualification can be varied to fit in with the demands of a student's individual academic schedule. Some students may take six semesters to complete all requirements, while others may be able to complete the programme in one or two semesters.

The "Zertifikat Europaicum" is thus particularly attractive for international students who are planning to study at Saarland University for only a short period.