German language and literature (B.A.)

Since winter semester 2007/08, the Department of German Language and Literature in the Faculty of Humanities II at Saarland University has been running a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree programme in German language and literature (“Germanistik”). Students can choose to study the discipline either as their main (major) subject or as a subsidiary (minor) subject in a dual-subject Bachelor’s degree programme.

Students will study the German language as well as German literature, media and culture. Irrespective of whether they are taking the subject as their main or as a subsidiary discipline, students will acquire a basic understanding and important fundamental skills in the areas of early German philology (including literature of the Middle Ages, readings in Middle High German), modern German literature including media studies, and modern German linguistics (syntax, semantics, pragmatics).

All students must complete basic modules, advanced modules and specialist modules drawn from the areas listed above. Students will be assessed by examination throughout their studies with the first exams taken in the first semester. Those studying the subject as their main subject must also complete a two-month, final-year project for their Bachelor’s thesis. Students must also provide evidence of proficiency in two foreign languages, one of which must be a modern language, by no later than the end of the first year of study.

Students who have obtained a B.A. degree in German language and literature can go on to acquire further academic qualifications such as a Master's degree in the same subject or can transfer to another relevant discipline. As students are able to select specialist areas of interest and because they have considerable freedom in choosing how to combine academic subjects (main subject, subsidiary subject, supplementary subject or elective), they can tailor their studies to suit their proposed career path (publishing, book retailing, library sector, archiving and documentation work, cultural and arts organizations, media, advertising, public relations).

Admission information:

Entry restrictions apply to the B.A. degree programme ‘German Language and Literature’. Please note that it is currently only possible to start the B.Sc. programme in the winter semester.


Applications for admission must be submitted by no later than

  • at the end of September


Saarland University
Studierendensekretariat / Admissions Office
Postfach 151150
66041 Saarbrücken

List of current degree programmes with explanatory notes on enrolment procedure


Please note: Slightly different admission rules apply to German and foreign nationals with a non-German higher-education entrance qualification (for more information: see - here, or see University Entrance Requirements – At a Glance.

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Deutsche Literaturwissenschaft:

PD Dr. Sascha Kiefer
Campus Saarbrücken
Gebäude C5 3, Raum 214
66123 Saarbrücken
Tel.: + 49 (0) 681 / 302-2306
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Deutsche Sprachwissenschaft:

Dr. Josef Schu
Campus Saarbrücken
Gebäude C5 3, Zi. 416
Telefon: +49 (0)681 / 302-3706
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Sprechwissenschaft und Sprecherziehung:

Prof. Norbert Gutenberg

Campus Saarbrücken

Gebäude C5 2, Zi. 230

Telefon: +49 (0)681 / 302-2502

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