Historical Studies (Bachelor)

The aim of the programme is to teach students the fundamental ideas, methodologies and techniques of historical study that are needed for the critical analysis of historical sources and research texts. Students also acquire proficiency in presenting historical knowledge and facts correctly and in using the appropriate terminology and language. The programme also offers additional career-related elements and provides students with the opportunity to acquire additional vocational qualifications. The content of the programme and its objectives are taught in lecture courses, seminars and tutorials. Practical training and work placements enable students to gain an insight into possible future careers, while excursions provide students with an opportunity to engage with the written records and archaeological evidence of earlier human civilizations.

The B.A. programme prepares students for a broad range of careers in the academic, business, administrative and social sectors. It enables students to acquire key qualifications enabling them to work in a wide variety of careers in libraries, archives or the document management field, in museums, publishing and the media. Graduates can also find positions in public relations and cultural management, in the adult and further education fields, or in public and private bodies, professional associations or national and international organizations.


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