Historically oriented cultural studies (Bachelor)

The Bachelor’s degree programme ‘Historically oriented cultural studies’ is an applied interdisciplinary programme in history and culture studies that has been designed to introduce students to and prepare them to work in today’s cultural and media landscapes.

Starting from a broad and dynamic concept of culture, the programme seeks to develop an understanding of the complex relationships that shape the world in which we live. Students analyse these relationships by considering not only the social, political, economic, media-related and spatial factors that distinguish and constrain human endeavour, but also by taking in to account human experience, interpretive models and moral concepts. During the course of study, phenomena of relevance in cultural studies are illuminated from a variety of subject-specific perspectives and students are encouraged to engage in interdisciplinary analysis and communication. Other features that distinguish the programme are its European perspective and its aim of encouraging students to reflect critically on human social experience.

As well gaining a high-level of subject-specific and interdisciplinary academic skills, students also acquire world-of-work skills by participating in mandatory practically focused modules and by selecting an applied subsidiary subject from the fields of law, economics, informatics, psychology or foreign languages.