Latein (Lehramt)

Das Fach Latein ist als allgemein bildendes Fach für das Lehramt für die Sekundarstufe I und Sekundarstufe II (LS1 + 2) wählbar.

Die Lehramtsstudiengänge umfassen das Studium von zwei Lehramtsfächern und das Studium des Faches Bildungswissenschaften.

Wird Latein als eines der Lehramtsfächer studiert, besteht die Möglichkeit, auch Griechisch als zusätzliches Fach (für LS1 + 2) hinzu zu wählen.

Teacher training programmes (for all degree qualifications and all subjects)

The Lehramt programmes are German academic teacher training programmes designed to provide school teachers with the theoretical foundations and practical professional skills needed in their careers:

  • Planning, organization, design and review of subject-specific and general teaching and learning processes
  • Guiding and accompanying the process of personal development in young children and adolescents
  • Educational diagnostics, facilitation and counselling
  • Participation in maintaining quality standards in schools and school development initiatives.

Generally, a student on a Lehramt programme is required to earn 48 ECTS credits by taking modules in education and educational psychology and will combine this with the study of two further academic disciplines. The programme of study for these two academic subjects include subject-specific modules as well as modules that deal with specialist didactic issues and periods of practical classroom experience. The details relevant to a particular academic discipline can be found in the appendices to the applicable study and examination regulations (see

The academic requirements of the subjects studied are aligned with the ‘Joint Declaration on Academic and Didactic Content of Teacher Training Programmes’ that was issued by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the German Länder in October 2008. 

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