Materials Science and Engineering (Bachelor)

The Bachelor’s degree programme ‘Materials Science and Engineering’ aims to acquaint students with the mathematical and scientific foundations of the subject and to teach them the current techniques and methodologies used to solve problems in materials science and technology. ´

The training that students receive is designed to equip them effectively with the skills and vocational expertise required for them to work as materials scientists or materials engineers in an industrial or commercial environment. Students are given a solid grounding in core areas of engineering and the natural sciences. They receive tuition in both technical and theoretical areas and develop the skills needed to identify the key elements and core relationships in complex problems.

The content of the programme modules has been designed to reflect the causal chain: ‘production – microstructure – material properties’. Other areas emphasized in the B.Sc. programme are materials characterization and the associated modelling and simulation methods. The programme also attaches great importance to students acquiring vocationally relevant skills such as the ability to communicate effectively and to work in a team, the ability to work independently when familiarizing themselves with new areas, and efficient work organizing skills.