Materials science and mechanical engineering ATLANTIS (Bachelor)

The aim of this degree programme is to introduce students to the mathematical and scientific foundations of the subject and to rapidly acquaint them with the current techniques and methodologies used to solve problems in materials science and mechanical engineering.

The training that students receive is designed to equip them effectively with the skills and practical expertise needed when working as materials scientists or mechanical engineers in an industrial or commercial environment. To meet these objectives, students are provided with a solid grounding in the key scientific and engineering disciplines and an understanding of both technical and theoretical applications. 

The acquisition of so-called world-of-work skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively and to work in a team, the ability to work independently when familiarizing themselves with new areas, and efficient work organizing skills, also plays an important role in the programme. A particularly attractive element in the programme is the opportunity it provides for students to round-off their studies with a study-abroad period at Oregon State University, where in addition to gaining new insight into science and engineering in a globalized economy, they also have the chance to earn a qualification from an American university.