Sports science (Bachelor)

With their solid grounding in the principles of sports science and their extensive practical and methodological training, graduates from the Bachelor’s degree programme in sports science  are able to plan, organize, design and evaluate teaching, learning and training packages for target groups of different ages, capabilities and levels of motivation for the leisure, health and organized sports sectors. They are particularly skilled in conducting diagnostic analyses as well as planning and evaluating intervention programmes.

The key aims of the core modules within the Bachelor's programme in sports science are to provide students with:

- a solid understanding of the principles of sports science, with particular regard to teaching and optimizing psychomotor abilities and skills.
- an in-depth understanding of current research in the fields of human motion and exercise science, sports medicine, sports teaching methodologies, sports psychology, socio-economic aspects of sport, and training science.
- the ability to apply appropriate methods when developing and evaluating topics and to recognize their significance within the wider context of the subject and, in particular, the ability to conduct theory-based analysis, planning, management and evaluation of educationally effective processes in the fields of sport and human movement.
- the confidence to apply their knowledge of sports science to new research areas or to topics of practical relevance within the field.
- an awareness of the issues associated with the social, educational and medical aspects of sport and other fields concerned with human movement, and the skills to address and tackle these questions.
- the ability to design learning, exercise and training programmes in the areas recreational sports, elite competitive sport, school sports, sports in medical prevention and rehabilitation initiatives.
- the skills to communicate and present technical or specialist knowledge clearly and to cooperate with a variety of partners in the public and commercial sports domains.