Students who plan to continue studying at Saarland University must ensure that they pay the semester fee on time and, if applicable, the relevant tuition fee. If full payment is made within the specified time period , a student is considered to have declared his/her intention to continue as an enrolled student at Saarland University in the forthcoming semester (re-enrolled).

You will be re-enrolled at Saarland University on payment of the semester fee of €224. The re-enrolled period for the Sommersemester 2018 runs from 08. January to 28. February 2018. Late re-enrolment is permitted in the period from 01. March to 16. March 2018, though this will incur an additional late-payment charge of €10.

Special fee structures apply to students in the various types of post-graduate and further education study programmes, as well as to students with non-enrolled status (Gasthörer), senior citizen students and to cross-enrolled students. For more information on whether fees need to be paid and the amounts payable, please follow this link.

Bank details (please ensure that your payment covers all applicable bank charges):
Account holder (Kontoinhaber): Universität des Saarlandes
Bank: Bank1Saar
IBAN: DE19 5919 0000 0000 33 0000
BIC/Swift Code: SABA DE 5 S

When completing the bank transfer form, please complete the 'payment purpose' field (Verwendungszweck) as follows: Write your matriculation number (Matrikelnummer) starting at far left of the first line, then leave a blank space before adding your first name, surname and your date of birth.

Additional information
If you do not re-enrole, you will be automatically deenrolled (i.e. removed from the list of enrolled students) at the end of the current summer or winter semester.

Students in post-graduate academic programmes (excluding consecutive Master's and doctoral degree programmes):
If your letter of admission (Zulassungsbescheid) specifies a reference number (Titelnummer), please also include this number on the second line of the 'payment purpose' field (Verwendungszweck) on the bank transfer form.

Cross-enrolled students
If you are a cross-enrolled student (i.e. you are enrolled at Saarland University in addition to being primarily enrolled at another higher education institution), you will need to provide a new certificate of enrolment (Immatrikulations­bescheinigung) issued by the institution where you are primarily enrolled for the semester for which you are re-enrolment. If you became a cross-enrolled student in the winter semester of 2007/2008 or later, you must submit a new cross-enrolment approval slip (Zweithörerschaftsgenehmigung), which is issued by the dean's office of the relevant faculty at Saarland University.

A student who is cross-enrolled at Saarland University as part of the South-West University Alliance (i.e. who is primarily enrolled at the University of Trier, Kaiserslautern University of Technology or The University of Koblenz and Landau) is not required to pay fees at Saarland University. However, if a cross-enrolled student wishes to have a Saarland University semester travel ticket, the student must pay €125. (In this case, please mention that you have voluntarily purchased a semester travel ticket when you submit your new certificate of enrolment so that this can be recorded in the student database.)

Part-time students
If you were studying part-time last semester, please note that you will not be able to re-emrole automatically by paying the re-enrolment fee. You must first notify us whether or not you will be continuing to study part-time. You must therefore provide us with written confirmation that you will be returning to full-time study or you must submit a new application for continued part-time study.

Amending your student data
If you change your home address or semester address, you must notify the Admissions Office within the re-enrolment period. You are also required to inform the Admissions Office if you completed your academic programme during the last semester or if your right of examination has been definitively revoked or if you have changed your nationality. Notification of any such changes must be made using the following form:

Re-registration – Supplementary information notification form (available in German only)

You also can notify the university about a change of address at any time by using the validation terminals located on campus.

Documents and forms can be sent by post or can be deposited in the letter box located outside building A4 2 on the Saarbrücken campus. Please remember to specify your matriculation number in your accompanying letter.

Re-enrolment will be deemed to have occurred once we have received your payment, unless your re-enrolment has been blocked. Re-enrolment may be blocked for a number of reasons, including: your health insurance provider has notified us that your health insurance payments are in arrears, you have switched to another health insurance provider, your right of examination has been revoked, or you have passed your final examinations. In such cases, we will require an up-to-date certificate of health insurance from your health insurance provider or you will need to apply to change your enrolment details to indicate that you are now in another academic programme.

Validating your Saarland University Card (UdS Card)
At least one week after the university has received your payment, you may (re-)validate your UdS Card for the coming semester at one of the validation terminals located around campus. Documents that you may require (semester transcript sheet (Belegblatt), certificate of enrolment, BAföG certification, etc.) can be printed online (via LSF). In exceptional cases, these documents may be posted to a student upon receipt of a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

As it can take several days for payments to be credited to the university's account, please initiate payment early enough to ensure that the money will be received by the university within the re-enrolment period.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff at the Admissions Office for assistance.

Admissions Office

Saarbrücken Campus
Building A4 2, Level 0


Postfach 15 11 50
66041 Saarbrücken, Germany

Phone: +49 681 302-5491