How to apply for admission

If possible, complete the online-form on the uni-assist website and then print it to ensure that your application is complete and submitted on time (alternatively as PDF document).

However, please note, the specified application deadline still remains the one when uni-assist acknowledges postal receipt of your complete application documents.

Please sign the completed application form and add the following documents:

  • officially certified copies of your secondary higher education diploma (e.g. Abitur, baccalauréat, 12th class, GCE, attestat, etc.) containing individual subject marks or average grade(s) if applicable,
  • proof of an university entrance examination passed in your home country if applicable,
  • academic records from universities or higher education institutions where previously enrolled containing individual subject marks or average grade obtained,
  • officially certified copies of German translations of all relevant certificates (Note: certificates in English do not need to be translated.),
  • proof of German language skills (if any) complete CV/résumé covering the period from the start of school education til the date of your application (Important: If you are already in Germany, please include the date you entered Germany!).