SCoSE Part 1: Complete Conversations

Part 1: Complete Conversations

The conversations included in this section of the corpus derive from tapes made by two students in their junior year at a large state university near Chicago as a class assignment to record family and friends in natural settings during their Thanksgiving break at the end of November. The students secured permission to record before the interactions, and the recorders were placed in view of everyone present. Both students were themselves participants in the conversations they recorded, so that they had access to background information about the settings and participants in each case. We have subsequently assigned fictional names to all participants to preserve anonymity for everyone involved, as the students promised those they taped. These names differ in some cases from pseudonyms Professor Norrick has used for these same speakers in excerpts from this data base cited in various talks and publications.

1. Mary and others


At home


In this first set of conversations, the two sisters Mary (21 years old) and Amy (20 years old) are both students at universities near Chicago. In this first excerpt, Mary and Amy are at home with their parents Patricia and Ralph (in their mid 40's) for the long Thanksgiving break. Amy's boyfriend Peter is present from line 650 as well. They are all from the western suburbs of Chicago.




In this conversation, Mary and her boyfriend Brad are visiting Mary's sister Amy and her boyfriend Peter in her apartment.




In this conversation, Mary and Amy are alone talking about their college classes.

2. Addie and Brianne

In this second, single long conversation, Brianne and Addie are close friends together the day after Thanksgiving for the first time since they departed for separate universities in mid-August. Both women are close to twenty-one years old, and both come from northern Illinois.