SCoSE Part 2: Indianapolis Interviews

Part 2: Indianapolis Interviews

All the stories included in this corpus were recorded in interviews Professor Norrick conducted with senior citizens aged 80 and older in a retirement community in Indianapolis, Indiana, over the space of a week in the summer of 2002. He lived in the retirement community while recording, and he had met some of the interviewees before the recording sessions around the public area, at meals or "happy hour." Interviews took place in the cottages or apartments of the interviewees or in activity rooms in the central "lodge" of the community. The interviews were in principle unrestricted in time and topic, though Professor Norrick often prompted interviewees by asking for funny experiences from the past. He initially hoped to elicit two or three stories from each participant in ten to fifteen minute interviews, but many of the sessions ended up lasting well over an hour and including many stories. The transcriptions were produced from his recordings by Sabine John according to the conventions summarized below.