SCoSE Part 6: Stories

Part 6: Stories


All the stories included here are transcribed from many hours of audio-taped talk recorded by Professor Norrick and his students while he was at Northern Illinois University. Permission to tape the interactions was usually secured beforehand, and the recorders were placed in view of everyone present, though some conversations were recorded surreptitiously and permission to use them was secured after the fact. Most of the excerpts come from real conversations among family members and friends, fellow students and colleagues. More often than not, Professor Norrick and his students were themselves participants in the conversations they recorded, so that they had access to background information about the settings and participants from the ones doing the recording in each case. They have subsequently assigned fictional names to all participants to preserve anonymity for everyone involved, as Professor Norrick and his students promised those they taped. These names differ in some cases from pseudonyms Professor Norrick has used for these same speakers in excerpts from this data base cited in various talks and publications. The differing transcription formats reflect the different research interests of the transcribers.