Ghose, Zulfikar

About Zulfikar Ghose

Biography (



Aldama, Frederick Luis. "Crafting Against the Grain: An Interview with Zulfikar Ghose." Humanities Retooled, 23 Feb. 2004



Autobiography/Life Writing

Confessions of a Native-Alien (1965)



The Triple Mirror of the Self (1992)

Figures of Enchantment (1986)

Don Bueno (1983)

A New History of Torments (1982)

Hulme's Investigations Into the Bogart Script (1981)

A Different World (1978)

Crump's Terms (1975)

The Beautiful Empire (1975)

The Native (1972)

The Murder of Aziz Khan (1967)

The Contradictions (1966)


Short Story Collections

Veronica and the Gongora Passion: Stories, Fictions, Tales and One Fable (1998)

Statement Against Corpses (1964)


Poetry Collections

Selected Poems (1991)

A Memory of Asia (1984)

The Violent West (1972)

Jets From Orange (1967)

The Loss of India (1964)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

The Art of Creating Fiction (1991)

Hamlet, Prufrock and Language (1978)