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Mahagony, original French version published in 1997 (2021)

The Overseer's Cabin, original French version published in 1981 (2011)

The Fourth Century, original French version published in 1961 (2001)

The Ripening, original French version published in 1958 (1959)


Poetry Collections

Black Salt, original French version published in 1960 (1998)

The Indies, original French version published in 1956 (1992)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

“In Praise of the Different and of Difference.” Callaloo, vol. 36, no. 4, 2013

Creolization (2009)

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Treatise on the Whole-World, original French version published in 1997 (2020)

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Introduction to a Poetics of Diversity, original French version published in 1995 (2020)

Poetics of Relation, original French version published in 1990 (2010)

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Poetic Intention, original French version published in 1969 (2010)

Sun of Consciousness, original French version published in 1956 (2020)



Monsieur Toussaint, original French version published in 1961 (2004)