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Videl Grau, Maria et al. The Polemics of Ageing as Reflected in Literatures in English: Essays on Ageing in Literature and Interviews with Vikram ChandraDoris LessingZadie Smith, 2004



Autobiography/Life Writing

Alfred and Emily (2008)

Walking in the Shade (1997)

Under My Skin (1994)

African Laughter (1992)

Going Home (1957)



The Cleft (2007)

The Story of General Dann and Mara's Daughter, Griot and the Snow Dog (2005)

The Sweetest Dream (2001)

Ben, in the World (2000)

Mara and Dann (1999)

Love, Again (1996)

The Fifth Child (1988)

The Good Terrorist (1985)

If the Old Could... (1984)

The Diary of a Good Neighbour (1983)

The Sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire (1983)

The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 (1982)

The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five (1980)

The Sirian Experiments (1980)

Shikasta (1979)

Memoirs of a Survivor (1974)

The Summer Before the Dark (1973)

Briefing for a Descent into Hell (1971)

The Four-Gated City (1969)

Landlocked (1965)

The Golden Notebook (1962)

A Ripple from the Storm (1958)

Retreat to Innocence (1956)

A Proper Marriage (1954)

Martha Quest (1952)

The Grass Is Singing (1950)


Poetry Collections

The Wolf People (2002)

Fourteen Poems (1959)



Short Story Collections

The Grandmothers (2003)

The Old Age of El Magnifico (2000)

The Pit (1996)

Spies I Have Known (1995)

Particularly Cats and Rufus the Survivor (1993)

The Real Thing (1992)

London Observed (1992)

Through the Tunnel (1990)

Stories (1978)

The Temptation of Jack Orkney (1978)

To Room Nineteen (1978)

The Sun Between Their Feet (1973)

This Was the Old Chief's Country (1973)

The Story of a Non-Marrying Man (1972)

Particularly Cats (1967)

The Black Madonna (1966)

Winter in July (1966)

African Stories (1964)

A Man and Two Women (1963)

The Habit of Loving (1957)

Five Short Novels (1953)

This Was the Old Chief's Country (1951)


Essays/Articles/Non-Fiction/Short Stories

On Not Winning the Nobel Prize (2008)

Time Bites (2004)

Putting the Questions Differently (1996)

Conversations (1994)

A Small Personal Voice (1994)

The Wind Blows Away Our Words (1987)

Prisons We Choose to Live Inside (1987)

In Pursuit of the English (1960)