Morgan, Sally

About Sally Morgan

Biography (AustLit)



Jaireth, Subhash. "The 'I' in Sally Morgan's My Place: Writing of a Monologised Self." Westerly, vol. 40, no. 3, 1995



Autobiography/Life Writing

Sally's Story (1995)

My Place (1987)


Children's Books

Little Bird's Day (2019)

Where is Galah (2015)

Just a Little Brown Dog (1997)

In Your Dreams (1997)

Dan's Grandpa (1996)

Pet Problem (1994)

Hurry up, Oscar! (1994)

The Flying Emu and Other Australian Stories (1992)

Little Piggies (1991)


Plays/ Scripts

Cruel Wild Woman (1999)


Audio and Audiovisual Material

Sally Morgan and Gladys Milroy Chat about Milroy's The Great Cold and the Waarda Series. YouTube, 5 Nov. 2010