Brix, Kristina

Dr. Kristina Brix
PostDoc, Working Group WASTe
Phone: +49 (0)681 302 4771 (lab)
Phone: +49 (0)681 302 4770 (office)
ORCID-ID: 0000-0002-5196-9028

► Research

BMWI joint project GRaZ: "Retention of elements relevant for high level waste disposal on calcium-bentonite"
Nowadays, one of the major tasks for humanity is the development of a high level nuclear waste (HLW) disposal in deep geological formations. In order to ensure the compliance with safety standards for more than a hundred thousand years, it is essential to know the important interaction processes between the radioactive waste and the surrounding formations. In Germany, granite, salt and clay are considered as possible host rocks. Besides this natural barrier, preventing radioactive elements to contaminate the surrounding area, some technical barriers were also used. One of these barriers is calcium bentonite as a mixture of several clays, used as potential buffer material and borehole seal. The retention of elements relevant for high level waste disposal on calcium bentonite gets investigated via mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-MS) for long term safety assessment considering different geochemical parameters like pH value and ionic strength.

► Publications

3Kautenburger, R., Brix, K., Hein, C., Insights into the retention behaviour of europium(III) and uranium(VI) onto Opalinus Clay influenced by pore water composition, temperature, pH and organic compounds, Appl. Geochem. 2019, 109, 104404.
2Brix, K., Hein, C., Haben, A., Kautenburger, R., Adsorption of caesium on raw Ca-bentonite in high saline solutions: Influence of concentration, mineral composition, other radionuclides and modelling, Appl. Clay Sci. 2019, 182, 105275.
1K. Brix, C. Hein, J.M. Sander, R. Kautenburger, Simultaneous quantification of iodine and high valent metals via ICP-MS under acidic conditions in complex matrices, Talanta, 2017, 167, 532-536.

► Conference contributions

TraceMit Miniatursäulenexperimenten zum Endlager - LC-ICP-MS-Kopplung im Hochsalineren und simultane Quantifizierung von Eu, Uranyl, Cs und Iodid im sauren Milieu, Agilent ICP-MS Anwendertreffen 2019, Waldbronn, Deutschland.
On the Trace (Level) of a high-level nuclear waste Disposal - Retention of Cs(I), Eu(III) and Uranyl on Ca-Bentonite, DGMS Tagung 2020, Münster, Deutschland. Spec 2016

► Posters

Simultaneous Quantification of Iodine and other Elements relevant for high-level nuclear Waste under acidic Conditions via ICP-MS for Determination of Sorption Isotherms on Ca-Bentonite, European Winter Concerence on Plasma Spectrochemistry 2019, Peau, Frankreich.
Simultaneous Quantification of Iodine and high valent Metals via ICP-MS under acidic Conditions in complex Matrices, Migration 2017, Barcelona, Spanien.
Modifying the Speciation of Iodine in saline Matrices for Quantification by ICP-MS, TraceSpec 2016, Danzig, Polen.