Nanoparticles are expected to play an important role in the transport of drugs and, consequently, for nanomedicine over the next few decades. The special properties of these nanocarriers to bypass biological barriers and to reduce possible harmful side effects is the driving force of this development. The properties of the formulations and requirements for the preparation of the drug-carrier and the understanding of the interaction are of utmost importance. Therefore, we are focusing on relevant model systems as well as application-oriented systems made of biodegradable and biocompatible materials.

In many cases, larger objects (microparticles) are showing advantages due to their different behavior in a biological environment after application. For this reason, the combination of nano- and microparticles promises great potential. In this context, new and well-known approaches could be combined and synergistic effects can be achieved.

In the case of inhalation, microscopic objects are preferred because of the deposition properties. In this context, the shape plays a crucial role in the application. The construction of cylindrical microparticles made of nanoparticles opens an exciting research field. In addition to the nature of the micro- and nano-drug carrier, the drug loading of these particles is of importance as well. For this reason, different platform technologies are used for different types of drug molecules. The so-called "layer-by-layer" process offers great flexibility for drug loading and release.


Research Focus

  • Colloidal drug carrier (micro- and nanoparticles)
  • Production and characterization of non-spherical particles
  • Nanotechnology in pharmacy
  • Visualization techniques (Atomic Force-, Fluorescence-, Multiphoton Microscopy)
  • Pulmonary and transdermal applications of colloidal drug delivery systems

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