Treatment expenses

Treatment expenses

As opposed to the expenses of the treatment of a physical impairent, psychotherapy treatment expenses are covered by health insurances based on an application for refund which you must file at the beginning of the treatment. The application documents indicate your personal details, the diagnosis, a report on the indication of a specific treatment and an outline of the treatment plan.

Application for refund

Persons with statutary health insurance can obtain application forms from us. Persons with private health insurance need to contact their insurance. Completing the form is done in part by us and in part by you. If you have any problems in filling out the form, we're happy to assist you, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Legal basis

The Center for Behavior Therapy is authorized by the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung des Saarlandes to treat patients with mental disorders. It is a  health care center according to § 17 Section 1 SGB V (that is a health care center in an educational and scientific setting). It is not a health care center for advanced studies according to § 117 Section 2 SGB V respectively according to § 6 PsychThG. Thus, reimbursement of treatment expenses by statutary health insurances is possible, as is reimbursement by private health insurances. Of course, self-pay patients are welcome as well.