SMA - Seminar on Modal Analysis

Module Description

Students know central aspects of modal analysis. They understand numerical methods to analyze vibration systems. They can apply numerical tools to an example problem from the literature. Students gain basic knowledge on control techniques to suppress vibrations. Students learn to present and report on a topic with their personal reasoning, interpretation, and classification. They solve an individual test problem; analyze and discuss the results.




The participants prepare individual seminar topics on Modal Analysis based on provided literature. They apply existing software to a given test problem as an application. They present their results to the group and document them in written form.

Content of the seminar:

  • Basic theory on modal analysis
  • Numerical methods for modal analysis
  • Example application of numerical tools for modal analysis, e.g., in MATLAB
  • Passive and active methods for vibration control

Additional Info

Responsible Instructors: Prof. Kathrin Flaßkamp, Jun.-Prof. Gianluca Rizzello​

Assign to Departments: Systems Engineering

Semester: Summer Semester

Admission requirements: no formal requirements

Type of Course: Seminar

Examination: Written report and presentation on a seminar topic; active participation in the seminar (being present min 80% of the time)

Weekly Hours: 2 h/w, of which 2 h/w Seminar

Credit Points: 3